Transformation Development Initiative Program

MassDevelopment’s Transformative Development Initiative (TDI) is a program for Gateway Cities designed to accelerate economic growth within focused districts. The program works with cross-sector partnerships to engage community members in actionable planning, implement local economic development initiatives, and spur further public and private investment.

Attleboro’s TDI District encompasses a walkable perimeter of Downtown Attleboro. From the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) parcels by the Attleboro Commuter Rail Station to the YMCA, the Downtown Attleboro TDI District contains a mix of retail, professional services, cultural institutions, light manufacturing, public services, and housing of all types. The TDI Partnership for this initiative includes business owners, representatives from cultural institutions and large employers, public officials, and other professionals active in our Downtown.

The highest priorities for economic development within the Downtown Attleboro TDI District include:

  • Supporting the conversion of vacant mills to new use as residential or mixed use buildings;
  • Remediating and developing the land in the TOD District;
  • Activating public spaces and making it easier to get around downtown; and
  • Promoting entrepreneurship to attract unique, quality businesses to currently vacant storefronts.

The TDI Partnership will be planning and supporting events in the Downtown, recommending policies, and developing studies in support of making Downtown Attleboro a more vibrant neighborhood.